The Globe and Mail, Canada

“Mr. Dasgupta comes by his talent for spinning a yarn honestly” Read more...

Vulture Hound, UK  

"Calcutta Taxi is all about drivers and passengers as the vessels in which wisdom travels...” Read more...

Just Celebrity, USA

“A little film making a lot of noise.”

Brave New Hollywood, USA

“The fast-paced, non-linear editing, elevating tensions,... with an inspirational message.” Read more...

Close-Up Film, USA

“...we no doubt have a major, new talent in the filmmaking arena.” Read more...

London Film Review, UK

“Technically adept and with a sophisticated narrative approach...”

Just Celebrity, USA

Q & A

Back To The Movies, UK

“A Pulp Fiction Esq style story comes together full circle...” Read more...

Toronto Film Scene, Canada

"Calcutta Taxi, the brilliant and frenetically paced short film from writer/director Vikram Dasgupta" Read more...

The Critical Critics, UK

“... it’s about the playful mysteries of human interaction and the serendipitous beauty” Read more...

Seventy Two Minutes, USA

“moving and thought-provoking...”

Female First, UK

Q & A




LA Talk Radio, LA

Q & A Audio Link

Artist On Demand, NY

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Pan Am/Parapan Am Toronto2015, 'Are you ready', Commercial

Cannes Lions 2015 Nomination, FILM - Entertainment and Leisure  

CSC Award for Cinematography, Jeff Maher

Calcutta Taxi (2012) Narrative, Drama

Best Drama 2013, OSCAR QUALIFIER Aspen Short Film Festival, USA
Directorial Discovery Award, Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA
Best Narrative Short, Roving Eye International Film Festival, USA
Best Short Film (Audience Choice), Florence River to River Film Festival, Italy
Best of the Fest (Runner up), Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska
German Star (Best Short Film), Stuttgart International Film Festival, Germany
Press/Critic’s Award (Best Short Film), Sedicicorto International Film Festival, Italy
3 BRAVO! Fact Awards recipient for Short Series (Screenplay)Canada 
Filmmaker’s Assistant Program, National Film Board, Canada

The Bee (2010) Short Film

Winner of Best Environmental Film (Earth Day Canada)
Honorable Mention/Deepa Mehta (Toronto Urban Film Festival)Canada

Coca Cola Classic (2010) Commercial

Official Runner up at the Cannes Lions 2010 Contest

Nokia - Connecting People (2010) Commercial

Official Short-listed Entry at the Cannes Lions 2010 Contest