Vikram was born in New Delhi, India in 1977 into a family of artists, musicians, dancers and scientists & yet his biggest influence was his grandmother’s story-telling. After finishing high school in New Delhi, he graduated with a major in Fine Arts and honors scholarship from the Government College of Arts, Calcutta (est.1864). He was awarded the Gold Medal for outstanding achievement in the field of art & design.

While in Art School he made a short docudrama ‘inSANITY’ about a homeless artist living on the streets of Calcutta, which earned him admission into The Advanced Film and Television program at Sheridan College, Canada in 2001. Since then Vikram has worked as a creative director and director in Film and TV, including working with Indian musical genius AR Rahman of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ fame on multiple occasions. 

Vikram’s most recent narrative, the multi award winning film ‘Calcutta Taxi’, funded by CTV’s Bravofact and National Film Board, Canada was in consideration for the Academy Awards 2014 in the Short Narrative Drama Category. Vikram works out of Toronto and lives solely to breathe emotion, sensitivity and humour into every project he undertakes irrespective of it’s medium.